The biggest lesson I ever learnt in my early years of school was -to be afraid. To be afraid to ask, to be afraid to try, to be afraid to grasp, to be afraid to excel. The truth be that mathematics was a nightmare. I really feared injections whenever I got to that clinic afew meters from home. I can’t be more precise at expressing how fast the journey to school & that clinic were -indeed my worst destinations.
Whoever could think I would score distinction one at the end of primary was in a reverie but he must have awoken & found it a reality.
If I’ve learnt a good lesson, it’s from inspiration & what light it flouresces. It’s a torch that lights a candle of a young mind. I could -literary- be the top of my class after seven years of phobia for maths because I was inspired. Not only by the teacher I found in my final year of Primary but also the conviction I could make it like the rest in my class who gave an example for me to emulate.
Two things inspire a young mind; a mentor and a conducive environment.