This time, unlike the previous times, I awoke and I was sure it is my birthday. I am always sensitive of hers and am almost always limited by my wallet every time I intend to buy her a birthday gift. Am never anxious for anything but this time I broke the virginity of anxiety. I really wanted to see Reenah. Last year, I thought, she surprised me with a cake. And for the first time She laid her head against my heart. I was in a reverie. I imagined how I could wake up everyday next to her. I could never think she would forget my wretched birthday. Alas! Here are those ramming texts from everyone but not even a single one from her. How on earth does the person I love most not even think of my birthday? I spent the whole year thinking of what to buy her on her birthday. I think I now confirm she never thinks of me. She must have seen someone that can afford those nice things I cant wait to buy for her. She, probably, was with him yesterday and the joy she has for him at heart could never remind her of my poor face. It couldn’t let her even think of my wretched life. After all, I never used to celebrate birthdays.