Sparrows and doves hover up in the skies
The eagles and kites are rather keen
They beseige our compounds
Like the Spartans surrounding the walls of Troy
They await to pounce
On any foolish
Any unsuspecting young chicken
That stray from their mothers’ fortress
As they peck inconsiderately
On this ground carpet littered with grain and millet

The granneries
These little ostentatious huts lavish
Legions of mice and sister rodents
Fiercely tear them down in invasion
These rats! How Lustful and insatiable!
They are breeding like flies
They Seem to be more proud of our own hard work
My cats have grown plump.
TThey’ve given up the hunt
For these little mischievous monsters due to satiety

My daughters are drawing crowds of men
They are growing faster than weeds
Their aunt  kyomuhendo -my sister- must come quickly!
To crowd their minds
To fill them with the African woman’s counsel
They have been nourished by this generous season
Two years of great harvest

My poor little girls
I must tell my sons to watch them more closely
As they go to the grain-filled fields
Even as they match with their clay pots
To and from the stream in the valley
The vicious boys of the village
Ought to be bothering them already
As they fetch water

Kyaasina, my favorite cow has filled my house with milk
Katoto, my youngest, son has learnt milking the cows
He also helps his mother to make yoghurt and ghee
He’s a promising lad
He now takes these animals to graze alone
He’s always hidden by the herd
He’s not as tall as his brother Magara
Yet he swings his staff fiercely at the wolves
That, he told me yesterday -he chased a vile wolf away from the lambs
We’re happy that’s what matters
It’s our season of Joy