I met Affection last evening
As I walked with thoughts in solitude
Under the moonlight
We started to chatter
I asked her if I could take her home
To walk with me every time
To show me the person I could call my true love
I asked her to help me to make them see that I have tried to love
I asked her if she would help me not to have my cardiac muscles torn apart again

I begged her to show me at least a glimpse
Of the person who would love me even after losing my ABCs
These superfluities that everyone flutters me about
To bless me with the rare luck
Of breaking my virginity with one who never break my heart
Of cuddling with that one person with whom we’ll bear creatures in our own image
Toddlers -that would have our eyes

I pleaded with her to open my gates of fortune
So that I can make my paths lead to the arms that will never push me away
To one who would fight, live and die for me
To that one who has the ear to listen to my smallest of afflictions
One that sees the human in me
Who would not excuse themselves from my familiar face over the years

One with whom we’ll argue as we hug
And who’ll not assume that am of angelic ancestry
One that is tired of living the lies of our world
One with whom we’ll preach the gospel of sacrifice and martyrdom for the creed of love

She turned to me and gazed into my eyes
She asked me if that is all I have to ask
I was certain I was asking for alot
If not alot of impossibilities
I affirmed my fear that I am blundering to beg desperately for an abracadabra
She frowned upon hearing that

Ye of little faith!
She yelled
“Do you want to see that person who you are looking for?”
I agreed -relentlessly
She pointed at my chest
She told me to look deep into me
To get my tools and dig up the treasure of love from where we’ve buried it
To remove that pearl that we’re marching over chasing the things that don’t matter

I looked deep within me
I dug deep into my ground and drilled the rocks
Out of me I mined love
I dressed in it like an ornament
I filled it in my room like decor
For its a treasure we shouldn’t bury like a vice

To escavate it out of our debris of sentiments and materialism
To furnish it out from the impurities of our greed for selfish romance
To adorn our hearts with gems that glitter when the rays of love shine onto them
To let go of the dullness of the darkness
The dullness of our despair about love and affectations

She said I was the person I was looking for
And I realized
I was asking for very little
Because I can give far much more than just that
We can love more than just being superficial
We can stop just wishing
And discover that hidden pearl