We only love once
The other times we’re merely doubting or pretending
We love in only one place
The rest are roofless dilapidations
Only one-time
When we don’t reason or think
In the blink of an eye
Or in a heartbeat
In the fifth chamber of the heart
In the third ventricle -I think
That pumps blood outside the body

We only love truly once
In the moment -when we can’t afford to buy a rose
That moment when we can’t say the trilogy
In that brief silence
In that limited space
Where we can’t stretch our arms to hug
Where our eyes don’t open to see

We only care once
Where we don’t buy limos
Nor sip on wine
Where we lay naked and lust-free -like toddlers
On sand beaches surrounding salty waters
When we don’t want explanations being but us
Where no else wants or cares to know

Deeply in our hearts
Where we embrace every time
From the imaginary void where we kiss & romance
Where we can afford to buy what we don’t afford
Where we catch shooting stars for one another
Where we shout in silence our deepest secrets
Where we can do things that this world has given-up

We only love truly once
When we go to bed carrying another person in the most minute of craniums
Where we drift into space to shine with the stars
In the dreams where we do the impossible
Where  peasants cuddle with princesses
Where we don’t stop to hope
Where we don’t give up
Where we don’t flirt with lies
When we love without conditions