Life is boring when it’s lived in a way that’s merely superficial. The most beautiful things are unseen, they can’t be  understood, comprehensively but they can be really felt. Talk of valor, faith or love.

At least one time in our life, we should go beyond being superficial or being moved by the norm or being driven merely by public expectations or standards and discover how beautiful it feels to experience the true passion of sacrificing for the common good or helping someone in need. Or putting a smile on someone’s face -a little warmth in their heart.
We should discover ( at least one time) how it feels to go beyond the ordinary & pursue one’s dreams. However much you fail.. True joy comes with seeing that dream come true. Just standing out of the crowd and doing something remarkable.

Well as we may know or deny that the most important and joyful things are brought by love commitment & proper passion for what we do & work for.
We must never forget that the most awful things are a result of being superficial, lukewarm and selfish.