Am a god-literally
Am,rather, devoid of laws
Nor have I any creed
I don’t need.. I don’t need a cult
I don’t need worshippers

Am the god who makes sacrifices
I don’t want sacrifices from no one
I make sacrifices to no one but me
I sit and get amused
By the other gods
gods-like me who want to be idolized
Who badly want and await sacrifices

Am the god of the invincible
Am the god who sits in imagination
Am the god who challenges knowledge
I hunt for wisdom and envies knowledge
I create time to find out & innovate
As the other gods sleep
As they worry about how pretty they look
As they look for who to idolize them

Am the god of success and ingenuity
Am the god who tests failure
I make magic
Because I turn failure into success
I fill every day with ideas
I fill the void of ignorance with crowds of knowledge
The other gods are not crazy or dead
The gods are just asleep
They’re sleeping their way to oblivion