Patience is now my only friend
I just seem to live in one moment in the day
The time I await like salvation
When I stoop over my father’s herd downstream
Just to have a glimpse of Mirembe

Mirembe’s face -terribly shy
Swings  in haste to look at the flowers and shrubs
That flourish all year long by your banks
But I can see her reflection in the water metres away
And as my patience metamorphoses to impatience
I can’t help to stoop again to look at her

I make up my mind
Let me abandon this useless crowd of herbivorous beasts
Let me feign I don’t yearn to here her speak
I’ll make my turn to look for a stray calf
She’s afraid of even the young ones of cows
I’ll seemingly rescue her from her plight
As she rescues me from this madness
This -my insane heart that forces my ears to listen
That bullies my mouth to greet her

Oh you speak!
Mirembe -daughter of the crescent moon
You just rhyme
And the river’s ripples go dump
The mooing bustards vanish into thin air
You silence the mermaids’ noise
And when am about to utter my useless words
Which I fear to get out-like the storms of hell
Darkness dawns into the valley
You must go- don’t hang around the poor man’s sons
Lest, the chief will reprimand you of being illicit
You don’t deserve that rudeness
You are enthroned in innocence and grace

With the river behind me
And your wiggling slender waist dancing in front of me
And your graceful legs walk farther and farther away
And your unforgivingly pretty face faces the dusty paths
I seem to drown like the river starting to flood my environ
And these irresponsible herd beasts highten their noise
I must see them and their unscrupulous young ones back to my father’s compound
I must be cursed to be their steward
But may be someday they’ll be my fortune
I’ll tell father to use them to pay my bride price

I can’t wait for the next day to return
To come back to our river of affection
I only pray to the gods of time-if at they exist
To prolong the evening and shorten the day
I want to meet you at this spring of love
At these waters of luck
This flowing monument of my miserable heart