Hey Mr. Destitute!
How many cold nights have you spent on this restless dormitory?
How many children would you have born over the years on these streams flowing with dust?
Don’t tell me about your plight
I know it all..at least I know you from a mere glance
This glance that scans -in the blink ofan eye
You entire terrible life -if it’s even worth calling a life
Some one told me humans are the opposite of beasts
Reality defers from that -my antithesis
Save for the fact that a feeble number are cannibals

They slay you quietly -incognito
In their minds
In their iimagination
In their sleeping alertness
Some one chops off your head..swiii!
Just because you weren’t agile enough to dodge
And you tripped over a toy from his merchandise

They pluck out your heart -bom!!
Straight out of your shrunken chest
Just for having your toe poke on their century-old shoes
Those shoes that are never free of the captivity of the most brown and infertile soil
They can’t dream of just leaping over your skeletons..
You beggar!
We just leap over you consciously
We can’t wait to do it
Neera neera.. and again and again

The taxis sound for you the most irritating of jingo bells from December to December
The shops serve you with a cocktail of our diversity in music and noise
The roads present you with the most variable of identities
The hawkers sing and rap for your misfortune
You can’t afford to buy from them
By the way -they’re not singing for you
These identities that never idenify you
The street-preachers teach you about hope
Hopefully you will start to hope that there’s no hope in this city