After his time travel experiments being rejected by the Parque UPM; the research institute of Technical University of Madrid. The basement of his apartment at Ciudad Universitaria became the refuge for Miguel’s “silly experiments” and the intersection of his two-worlds. First, was the world embracing Madrid, and its old-new walls, and its art— drawn and built by history and civilization. The other, more beautiful virtual-world was his mind; where Trannie’s eerie glary blue-eyes lived. He has been building a machine; to crystalise the myth of time-travel, for 3 years. This evening, the machine’s failure has pissed him. He now only wants a bottle of champagne to piss on his throat. He leaves for the kitchen; forgetting to turn off—the machine. A pop, a taste-of-champagne, and snoring follow. He, later, awakes in the depth of the night, and moves towards the basement with his champagne-bottle. He finds the engine humming, for the first time.
“Freaking-Albert-Einstein” He yells. He pushes the machine to the lawn, punches some buttons and keys; weightlessness ensues and he vanishes from the lawn.
It’s 2560 BC. Horselaughs are drawing near—from the desert-sand of Giza. It is Pharaoh Khufu’s soldiers returning from a patrol, at dusk. They meet a wounded, unconscious young-man in his twenties, perhaps. They think of killing him—mistaking him for a slave escaping from the pyramid-building-sites. One of them hesitates; showing them a bottle containing a sweet-smelling-substance; a bottle-of-champagne. They fear he is supernatural because of his transcendental arrival. They decide to report this strange man to the royal-palace. One their way, a princess meets them as he’s regaining consciousness.  He knows her, figuratively. But, he can’t speak to her in their Coptic-language.
Their princess resembles Trannie—a childhood friend whom he had met often in 2007 in Spain with her family, at the wine tours, until her mysterious farewell. If Trannie were a bird, his mind would be perfect to be called her nest; from the time he saw her glary blue-eyes, until this sudden reunion when he time travels to ancient Egypt from 2017 AD.
In 2550 BC, 10 years later, he invents aromatic substances for embalming mummies of the Royal families which were being buried without treatment. They are now treated, preserved in fragrance. He makes the sweet smelling embalmment-substance using champagne.
He has, however, learnt from their literature that the royal families weren’t humans but demigods; immortal aliens from Jupiter who brought civilization to Egypt. They are laid to rest in the pyramids awaiting reincarnation, for decades.
When the Khufu dynasty falls, around 2494 BC, the aliens return to Jupiter; revering champagne—not as a mere drink but as an embalmment-substance. However, champagne can’t be produced on Jupiter which doesn’t have the soil that supports growth of grapes and yeast—for fermentation. So, they would come to Madrid, at wine tours, in 2007 to get champagne. Miguel wants to return home before the downfall of their dynasty, but is now trapped in ancient Egypt.

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